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You may have noticed that a majority of the grows that we do over at urbanhydro.org are done using LED lighting. This is because we believe that LED lighting technology is the next step in indoor hydroponic cultivation. Here’s what we have learned from all the growing we have done using various LED lights. Some plants will grow just fine under cheap ebay LED lights. Out of 10 of these that I own, 2 have experienced a diode failure that rendered half the light useless without soldering a bridge. Over all though, for the cost, many herbs, greens, and small flowering plants will grow great under these lights. However, there are other plants who’s light requirement is just too darn high for these little lights. You know these plants. They are the one’s that “can only be grown under HID” , well all that has changed. There are now LED lights on the market that are an excellent option to HID and can flower almost any plant, just don’t expect them to be cheap.

One company, Hydro Grow LED has been generous enough to donate several lights to UGHU including one of their Penetrator 345s. I used this light to grow Roma tomatos (a plant I had not previously been able to flower under LEDs). I am also currently working on a new grow under the Penetrator 345 as well as a glow panel grow off between (2) Glow Panel 45′s VS (2) 50W Penetrators using peppers. I have enjoyed growing with these lights and would say that the quality of the Hydro Grow LED lights is amongst the best I’ve seen. If you are in the market for LED lighting, please consider using our affiliate link to browse/purchase from Hydro Grow LED:

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